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GW Engineering Ltd has the ability to offer quality fabricated products with on-target lead times at competitive prices that meet all of our customers requirements.

Mechanical engineering at GW Engineering

GW Engineering Ltd has extensive knowledge and experience of Mechanical Engineering within varied industry sectors including Cement and Limestone production, Mineral production, Steel production and Energy production.

GW Engineering Contracting division employee

GW Engineering Ltd Contracting Division offers reliable services and solutions to our customers. We welcome all projects.

GW Engineering Ltd is based in the heart of South Yorkshire and operates throughout the UK. We provide a variety of engineering services from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium fabrication and installation, to mechanical repair and maintenance.

All our products are manufactured by experienced tradesmen within our state of the art facilities.

This allows us to create a wide range of products from decorative and ornamental to structural steel and industrial solutions,whilst always keeping costs competitive and delivery on time.

We offer a complete service from start to finish. Our team consists of versatile operators, ranging from design and drafting to qualified tradesmen from within all aspects of heavy industry including steelworks, quarrying and cement and limestone processing.

We believe that due to the ability and education of our personnel we possess an edge in capabilities over our competitors. This allows us to achieve fast lead and response times whilst maintaining quality and ensuring satisfaction for all of our customers

30 years industry experience - GW Engineering


Our dedicated team has over 30 years industry experience.

Customer Satisfaction

In it for the long term

Our aim is to establish long term relationships with our clients. GW Engineering Ltd strives to meet and exceed all of our customer’s expectations in all aspects of our service.

Continual Improvement

Not standing still

GW Engineering Ltd is committed to continuous improvement of our products and operations. This is achieved through heavy investment in research; record storage; and development in all sections of our business. End product scrutiny is essential to assist us in maintaining and surpassing our quality standards both present and future.

Training & Competency

An employer you can trust

GW Engineering Ltd ensures all our employees are kept up to date with mandatory accreditations. We encourage further education and training to all personnel, keeping our company ahead of the game with an efficient and capable workforce.


It’s good to talk

Communication is key to the success of GW Engineering Ltd, whether it be to employees, customers, clients, contractors, or the general public. Our aim is to ensure a high level of professional communication at all times.